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Watch This space :)

Another thing is that, for like couple of months, I been meaning to create some images in photoshop, create some effects in After Effects, I started  a drawing from the top of my head creating to create it in Photopshop, I’m actually using a trackpad on my laptop to create this image. Its harder then I thought using a trackpad to draw something thats from my head, I know for a starters its not going to turnout how I want it to be. Bout hopefully it will be decent enough to look at- below are some images are the progress of how I am doing. I will be uploading the final version once’s its fully done. 

With effects, I will be putting up some CGI effects that I learnt up and also be putting up some that I created my self, I am also going to try and put up a short film that I made for a uni project but better, I am going to be editing that when I do have time. Right now I just been too busy relaxing and chillin like a villain 😛

So Watch this space as people would say 😀 


You Call It An Addiction, I Call It……

I have been thinking about this for some time, yes I admit I have a “problem”- like every other guy, we all have a problem…  NOT THE PROBLEM YOUR THINKING ABOUT! I’m talking about an addiction, there’s people that have drug addiction, alcohol addiction, or some other form of an addiction. I- like most other guys such ages from 13-25 have a gaming addiction, to some people this might find amusing or kind of funny. But this is a serious problem, I do know that everyone loves to play a casual game here and there. Some might just play a game for like couple of hours and then shut it off. But when I play a game, I just don’t play for a couple of hours, OHHH NOO NOOO NOOONONOOONONONOOOOOOO- I will play for ALL DAY.

Now there’s a difference between a casual gamer and what the pros call a hardcore gamer, casual gamer would play basically any game, on the easiest or even on a normal difficulty, with that they would play a minimal amount per day.. or per week.. or worse… PER MONTH :O. I’m sure everyone thats reading this knows what a hardcore gamer is? If not its well the opposite of a casual gamer, they would play non-stop, play on harder difficulty, etc. Its not even about beating the game in an harder difficulty, now there’s something called ONLINE GAMING, games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Fifa, anything that people can play online to team-up/face each other. This brings up a whole new type of an Hardcore Gamer, lets say for example you as a casual gamer playing Modern Warfare 2 or Black Ops online, your having fun you just want to play the game, pass time, etc. At the end of the match your score is 5 kills 47 deaths, you would then be happy to then turn it off and dont even think twice about your score.

With a hardcore gamer, your objective is basically to own every little b*%ch in that server and keep up your winning streak/ killing streak. Once you got that going, you don’t want to stop, thats when something inside you comes out and takes over, fills your blood with a madness that wants you to keep on going. But I speak for all those hardcore gamers, we all get pissed when a casual gamer join and starts noobtubing or  just being a noob in total, when i say noobtubing, this is a term in the gaming community where a player would have a grenade launcher attachment on a game (FPS Game) and instead of shooting their gun at you, they would switch to their attachment and point and shoot and let the explosion kill that person… What makes it worse that person is RIGHT NEXT TO YOU! F*cking Noob -_-. 

There are people that say “ohh you playing to much, do something else”, for me- when i do go off and I play a game for hours and hours, when I actually close my eyes I still see myself playing that game. I know people that are total hardcore in various types of games, ranges from fighting games, racing games, sport games, FPS games. An example of this is, I know some people that are sick at fighting games such as Tekken and the Street Fighter games, they would practice the moves offline i.e. practice mode, they wouldn’t get out of the mode untill that move is perfect. After getting the move to perfection, they would go online and get perfects in each round on people, now that’s hardcore, I rate them. You might be saying that’s just sad, go and play some sports, etc, etc, etc… 




I just watched a Street Fight Vrs Tekken gameplay trailer, now I’m not a MEGA Street Fighter fan, I do enjoy playing the game. I remember buying Street Fighter 4 when it came out, graphic wise- it was look pretty sweeeeeeet, i was playing it for like a month and  half, then I gave it back to GameStation because I wanted money or was it a new game ? Im not really sure now ? It was a long time ago.. Hell I couldn’t even remember what happened last Sunday :/.

Another Reason why I gave Street Fighter 4 away was cause it GAVE ME BLISTERS, trying to pull off those sweet kick ass combos was fricking hard for me… Ima tell you the truth.. i was not a pro at playing the game. The only move I could actually pull off was the hadoukeen- my favorite characters was Ken and Ryu, probably cause they had easy moves that even a dummy can pull off…. That dummy my friend was ME…. There were other characters that I liked, when i did try them out, tried to do their supers and stuff, sometimes it did work sometimes I would just get fed up. When I was playing the game, I would play online with my mates, now they were sick at the game- I mean when they were fighting each other in the game, the battles was JUST EPIC! you’ll be like WTF I DIDN’T KNOW HE CAN DO THAT MOVE. There were two of my mates that would be playing, they had some long ass match battles and what made it more epic they didn’t get any blisters!! :O

The above video shows Ken Ultra Move, I only did this 4 times while having the game :/

Now on to something MUCH BETTER THEN STREET FIGHTER… THAT TEKKEN!! How I say it- Takkan ? Apparently I say Tekken Funny ? -_-. With “Takkan” I love the game, its fun to play, love the characters, I can easily do the moves- I can BARELY JUGGLE. Tekken is just a great game to play online and with your mates, when playing online you get some real trash talkers, when you win a fight… next thing you know you got a message from that player saying “YOU SUCK, GO PLAY WITH YOUR DOLLS” or some next sh*t like that. Its pretty funny, WHATS NOT FUNNY WHEN YOUR FACING SOMEONE WHO DOES 1 MOVE OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!! Bloody annoying, you cant help but rage!! There are some pretty sick Tekken players out there, I know some people that can juggle you to the wall and won’t even let you touch the ground!! My Favorite characters are Jin, Kazuya,  Nina, Lilly, Bob and Law. I’m trying to learn Bobs juggles, I’m kind of getting the hang of it, so far I can do a 6-7 hit juggle.. Two of my mates helped me to learn out to juggle, so if you are reading this THANKS AND GET READY TO LOOSE NOW WITH MY 6-7 HIT JUGGLE!! 😀

The above video shows a Tekken 6 gameplay, you can see the difference between Street Fighter and Tekken, I prefer the Tekken series any day.

Now Lets talk about Street Fighter Vrs Tekken, it is combining the two games in one, I’m sure you can tell that from the title. This game is the first version of the game, what I mean is that theres going to be two version- one is the Street Fighter Version and the second version is going to be the Tekken Version. With the Street Fighter version, i.e. Street Fighter Vrs Tekken- this is based on a Street Fighter Theme, think of it as playing Street Fighter 4 whiling having the Tekken characters in the game. My impressions on the game is.. Well I really don’t know what to say, I seen some videos on it, it looks good, would I buy it ? I probably would, not because I’m a Street Fighter Fan, just because I wanna become a Tekken Character and kick some Street Fighter Ass :/.

The above video shows the trailer for Street Fighter Vrs Tekken. I feel like playing this game, now when I say to people I cant wait for Tekken Vrs Street Fighter, people look at me and say “Your an idiot, its called Street Fighter Vrs Tekken”.. Thats where I feel like to punch that person right in the jaw… When people “try” to correct me is saying that I said the game title wrong just makes me soo angry, there is going to be another version of this game, which is going to be in a Tekken theme. Now this game I cannot wait for!! Whats funny I started to write this at like 10:30pm now its 12:45am .. WTFF ? so Ima end it will a Street Fighter Vrs Tekken gameplay video.. enjoy..

Learn To Drive Douchebag!

As I am learning to drive, I feel confident driving on main roads. But as I am driving, I see people who have more experience on the road yet drive so stupid. I mean COME ON!! SERIOUSLY!  YOU HAVE A LICENCE AND YOU ARE DRIVING LIKE A DOUCHEBAG! What makes it worse, there are people like me who can drive so much better then them, to the people that drive so horrible, your like 30+ of age and cant drive straight. Now I’m sure people that are reading this know what I mean, Ok I’m not saying all 30+ year old people are bad drivers, just the ones that cant drive. I know people who are 19-20 years old, passed their test and what not, got their car and they are driving much better then people who have been driving for like 10-15 years.

Now I’m not being sexiest, but I see more females that can’t drive, like today for example, while I was doing my driving lesson, I was on the main road at some traffic lights, I was in the right hand lane to turn right (FYI, I hope this makes sense, I’m not every good at explaining things.. So I been told :/) – the car in front of me was a female driver. As the lights went green she was turning right BUT THEN she started to drive on the WRONG SIDE of the ROAD! WTFF, this is no joke, how can you miss a turning on a road?? SERIOUSLY! COME ON


I have seen more woman fail when driving, but there are some men that also fail.. EPICALLY..

Maybe not everyone can drive, I know some pretty sick people who have been driving for like less then a year and they drive like a pro… And all I can say is that I am going to be joining this allegiance.. Is that even the right word… Yes it is.. I think ? Eh.


ok, firstly I would like to say that I love my family dearly, no matter what I do or what they do- i love each and every family member that I have. But at family functions, its like hella crazy at my house- yes I understand this is the same for everyone out there. But my family is just like…. WOW.. I mean I am the oldest, all my cousins are like little kids / babies. The second oldest is like 13? I think ? When all the kids are together, they are like wild animals!! they run around like headless chickens. YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!! These so called kids are like crazy animals with random questions and they just follow you around and watch what your doing… Now as I am the oldest, I don’t interact with them in a sense that I rather hang/talk to people that are MY AGE!

Yes I do make small talk to the young’uns, but I get bored with them, and they annoy me hella bad… I don’t know why but I rather play with the babies that are learning to talk, they’re more interesting then the the cousins that just chat soo much shit in my ear :/.

Now with the adults, its more fun hanging with the adults… sometimes, I would talk to them but not in a sense where I would talk to a mate. When I do hang with the adults in the family, they talk so much nonsense- I thought the kids where bad with conversation topics. Like today for example, I was just sitting with the family, listening to what they were saying- well trying to as they were speaking in a different language. I hardly know my culture i.e. the language and stuff, I when the family does speak in the foreign language, I can pick out few of the words and just make up the rest. As they were speaking, by my translation, they were talking about farming :/ and about growing stuff ? I don’t know, but to them it was interesting. Sometimes I feel left out as I am the oldest, there is no one to relate to, yes I know an emotional time right not, the only good thing about  family functions is the food.

With me, I hardly attend any family functions, not cause I’m lazy… No I’m serious.. SERIOUSLY MAN!! ok you got me, its like a tiny percentage that I’m too lazy to go to the functions. The last family function that I turned up to…was… erm… (Is it bad that I can’t remember?)… *VOICES IN MY HEAD* OF COURSE IT IS!! 😐 But another reason why I don’t attend the family parties, dinners, etc is due to the fact that I get bored. As I said before, I get bored because THERES NO ONE MY AGE TO TALK TO!! why would I want to talk to kids that’s like R-E-T-A-R-T-E-D.. Again they just chat rubbish in my ear, asking stupid questions, they bug me about things that I don’t care about. FOR EXAMPLE!! And this is in his own words. “You know in school, yeah?, I was just outside, yeah? and next thing I know a football just went passed my face, yeah?” .. MY EXPRESSION ON MY FACE… :O :|. But it is funny when I take the piss out of them and start being sarcastic to them, they cant tell if I am for real or just taking the piss xD.

Overall I do care about my family, yerrhhh I might not show it, but then .. I don’t know why I don’t show that I care by attending the functions and stuff. Ooohhhhh Yerrhh Cause I get bored, and theres no one my age..

Here-After-Effects and Photoshop-Ending

I love using Aftereffects and Photoshop, now I’m not a pro like some people out there. BUT I LOVE USING THESE PROGRAMS!! For a while I haven’t been using the programs as much as I would like to, being busy that is… OK the truth is I’m lazy, yes I know its a bad habit, I am trying to break the hold. is that even the right saying ?

But anyways, I remember using the two programs back in college, when I first used the programs. I remember saying to myself that learning the programs is going to be hard and I will never get to know how to use it… Few years later.. I love the programs, and I am truly happy that I know how to use the programs, to some people it might be the basic steps- to others its a  intermediate stage of level. When I do have time, I do try to learn new techniques with the applications. I would watch tutorials and guides to get better, sometimes even learning a new shortcut amazes me or even a small technique to improve a aspect would amaze me. Now its true what people say… No one can teach you better then yourself.. do people even say that ? is that even a saying ? meh!

The above video is one of the things that I have created while using After Effects, of course I used a tutorial to see how it was made, and that taught me something new which I then can use that technique  into making something else and making it better.

<3 Going To Uni!!

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